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Advisory Services

Confidently plan and execute your strategy and business transformation initiatives

At Impresiv Health, we offer personalized advisory services tailored to our client’s specific needs. Whether optimizing processes and technology functionality or identifying the need for new systems, our team of experienced managed care, clinical excellence, and technology advisors possesses deep expertise in navigating complex business and technical challenges in healthcare.

Our approach centers on your success and is committed to enhancing and maximizing your organization’s potential. Through close collaboration with your executive and operations teams, we strive to gain deep insights and provide customized solutions to your unique needs and challenges.

They didn’t just provide a solution, they became a part of our team, understanding our unique needs, and aligning the technology perfectly with our business objectives.

-Home and Community Healthcare Service Provider in New York City


Client Success Story

Transformative Partnership: Driving Operational Excellence and Quality Care

This client, a Medicaid Managed Long-Term Care Plan, caters to beneficiaries who require sustained support. They have consistently placed their trust in the Impresiv team over a span of multiple years to navigate through a multitude of projects.

We’ve examined four projects with a comprehensive view of how our services have positively impacted their operations in various departments.

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Our Services


Impresiv Health specializes in conducting thorough needs assessments to identify the most advantageous and cost-effective enhancements for aligning your legacy technology with present and future requirements.

We Identify
• Business processes and design gaps
• Opportunities to maximize design
• Access to real time-data
• User adoption


We assist in developing specific RFP requirements to determine the most strategically aligned technology vendor while also providing assistance and project management to conduct evaluation reviews.

What We Do
• Define Organizational Requirements
• Define Project Scope, Schedule, and Budget
• Develop Request for Information
• Develop Request for Proposal


Our process helps identify and evaluate software vendors that are in line with your organization’s culture, delivery model, and vision, while also meeting your specific requirements and regulatory obligations.

How We Help
• Software Vendor Qualification Review
• Conduct Vendor Finalist Interviews
• Vendor Scoring
• Final Recommendation


Leveraging best practices, our team of experienced Program Managers and Process Analysts can help identify and eliminate areas of inefficiency and resource leakage to position our clients for efficient growth.

We Specialize In:
• Problem Definition
• Data Collection and Analysis
• Solution Identification
• Controls and CQI Model
• Workflow Analysis
• Time-study


Email our team to learn more about our professional services staffing and how we can support your business needs.